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CASABRIGANDI restaurant was born inside a courtyard in the historic Palazzo Carli (dating back to 1750) adjacent to Piazza Tre Martiri, in Monte Cavallo district. The entrance is located on Corso D’Augusto 76 in the historic center of Rimini.

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Fabio Brigandì

Let me introduce myself: I am Fabio and I am the chef of my restaurant, born in Messina but professionally raised in Romagna. I wanted a place that represented me, outside the traditional catering schemes, like my kitchen.


Some time ago, walking in the center of Rimini, I discovered a hidden courtyard (Palazzo Carli, from 1750) with jasmine and geraniums that brought me back to Sicily. From that day on I started thinking about my restaurant, it had to be right there. I created a place where guests could feel at home with friends: this is how CASABRIGANDI is born.


I propose a creative, fresh and contemporary cuisine, mainly based on fish. I mix Mediterranean perfumes to those of Romagna. I select what I propose from small producers, fishermen, farmers, collecting the best of the territory that hosts me and, at times, even from my Sicily. Respecting the alternation of the seasons and the natural cycle of raw materials, so I create my dishes.



Ci troviamo in Corso d'Augusto, 76 | 47921 Rimini Centro | P.I. 04337890406 | C.F. BRGFBA71R16F158E

Dove parcheggiare:

Via Circonvallazione Occidentale a 91 metri

Parcheggio Arco d'Augusto a 240 metri

Parcheggio Tiberio a 350 metri

Parcheggio  Valturio (Scarpetti) a 450 metri

Parcheggio Italo Flori a 850 metri.


Thank you for your request!

Orari di apertura

Lunedì - Venerdì



19:30 - 22:30

12:30 - 14:30  e  19:30 - 22:30


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